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Learning materials are continuously updated and provided.

We provide learning materials for quick understanding and efficient use of the WhaTap Monitoring Service. Those are supplements to the basic guide document for the users interested in using the application monitoring, server monitoring, and browser monitoring products.

Dashboard analysis

Application Monitoring

Exploring the Application Dashboard

The analysis method for the chart-type widget in WhaTap Application dashboard is guided in the following order.

  • Checking the application connection status

  • Analyzing the transactions

  • Analysis of users, services, and resources

Exploring Hitmap Transaction

Using the WhaTap HITMAP transaction menu, the following steps are guided to determine the failure status of the service.

  • Pattern Analysis

  • Analysis of sections and stacks

  • Analysis of call relationship

  • Analysis of transaction logs

Server Monitoring

Exploring Resource Board

The analysis method for the chart-type widget in WhaTap Resource board is guided in the following order.

  • Server Monitoring Core Metrics

  • Server Status Summary

  • System operating statistics

  • Early alarm and alert

Browser Monitoring

Using Browser Monitoring

It guides you how to use the WhaTap Browser Monitoring in the following order.

  • Analyzing the page load

  • AJAX Monitoring and Analysis

  • User access environment analysis

  • Error analysis

Performance failure type

DB connection delay and connection pool

From the monitoring perspective, the correlations between the DB connection delay that is a type of application performance failure, and the connection pool in the following order.

  • Detecting the hitmap anomaly pattern

  • Analysis on the transaction trace

  • Checking the DB connection pool

Setting the metrics alert

It explains how to configure the metrics and metric alerts by product and project.

Heap memory metrics alert configuration

The metrics alert configuration for the heap memory that is one of the major application metrics is guided in the following order:

  • Heap memory-related metrics

  • Heap memory-related alert configuration

Database alert configuration

The methods are explained how to configure metric alerts based on the key metrics in the database in the following order.

  • Agent CONFIG.

  • Setting the metrics alert