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.NET Monitoring

WhaTap .NET Application Monitoring provides the monitoring service for .NET-based web application servers in response to .NET Framework 4.5.

You can monitor the .NET framework applications. It monitors IIS, consoles, services, and Windows applications. DB queries and outbound calls can be traced to find out which area created the delay.

WhaTap's Application Monitoring can monitor application in real time without reproducing failures.

Key features

  • Real-time transaction monitoring

    WhaTap displays the status of active transactions in real time. Any application issue manifests itself as an increase of active transactions. If you can immediately check SQLs, outbound calls, and method stacks being executed the very moment when transactions increase, you can recognize or analyze the problem very fast.

  • Transaction performance Deep Dive

    WhaTap can collect and analyze the performance history of all transactions. Transaction performance can be traced down to the method level as well as SQLs and HTTP calls.

  • Analysis of AI-based response distribution patterns

    WhaTap automatically recognizes specific patterns through machine learning and sends alert notifications to operators. This can inform you of the issues that the operator did not recognize. (Please contact support for on-premise type)
    Application number: 10-2020-0037381

  • Post analysis (Cube)

    You can check various metrics at a time based on the time axis. Because it is possible to specify the time zone where the response time, error count, or throughput is high, you can identify problematic factors in the same time zone or accurately view the service status.

Operation method

In case of the .Net program, it is converted to an executable or dll file in the form of Microsoft Intermediate Language (MSIL) after compilation. It works by translating this into native code by the Just-In-Time (JIT) compiler in the Common Language Runtime (CLR). WhaTap monitors running applications through the tracing API provided by the .NET framework.

Tracing Architecture

To use the .NET monitoring service, the monitoring agent must be installed on the monitored application. The agent is provided as an installer that can be installed on Windows.

When the installation is completed, the WhaTap agent is automatically registered in the Windows service.