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Amazon ECS

WhaTap Amazon ECS Monitoring collects resource usage for each Docker container in real time via the META API and Cgroup directory. It retrieves and collects the status of Amazon ECS service, deployment, and container's instance through the WhaTap tasks linked with the Amazon ECS API.

Key features

  • It provides the required transparency when running end-user applications on the Amazon ECS cluster.
  • It collects the usage of resources (CPU, memory, BLKIO, network) for each Docker container inside tasks in real time.
  • It can verify that tasks are operating within the designed load limits during operation.
  • It receives real-time visualizations and alerts if there is a shortage of resources during application peak periods. Accordingly, it is recommended to respond quickly to failures.
  • Through weekly/monthly reports, you can identify the trends in resource usage and reflect them in your operational plans.