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URL Monitoring

WhaTap URL Monitoring provides services for determining whether the website access is normal from the end user's point of view. From the user's point of view, the WhaTap monitoring agent accesses the site and provides whether the connection is normal, instead of checking whether the website is normally accessed through the browser. For access to the website, the server where WhaTap's check agent is installed will attempt connection. As the result of access test, the response code and time for the HTTP call are provided.

You can use all functions of the WhaTap URL monitoring service free of charge without limiting the count. Start checking your websites after registering the websites to monitor.

Key features

  • Checking the global service URL

    You can select and monitor service areas such as North America, Europe, and Asia.

  • Free Service

    All functions in WhaTap URL Monitoring are provided for free.

  • Site availability check

    You can see the site access status by end users in real time through the HTTP status code.

  • Site performance monitoring

    Check the time to access the site from the server in Seoul, Tokyo, etc.

  • Notification settings for each URL

    WhaTap URL Monitoring provides multiple notification channels such as email, mobile push, and 3rd-party.


    URL monitoring service does not provide SMS alerts.

  • Integrated dashboard configuration for WhaTap services

    You can configure the dashboard with combining other WhaTap services such as servers, applications, databases, etc.