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Server Monitoring

The WhaTap server monitoring service can be installed within 1 minute and can be quickly applied from the practitioner's point of view, making it easy to monitor. It overcomes the limitation of average detection method by collecting metrics every 5 seconds that momentarily cross the critical range such as CPU and disk I/O. It also provides process monitoring every 20 seconds. It provides multiple dashboards for integrated monitoring, making it easy to grasp the status of the entire system. It provides the metrics for monitoring the cloud environment and is applicable to scale-out environments.

By using the WhaTap server monitoring service, you can operate servers stably without any administrator.

Key features

  • Monitoring of various sizes of servers

    By providing various types of dashboards for integrated monitoring, you can see the overall system status in real-time.

  • Server inventory management

    The list of target servers is provided in a table in which you can select items to be displayed, enabling real-time monitoring as well as list management of small and medium-sized servers.

  • Integrated real-time notification

    Real-time integrated notification history is provided so that users can be freed from active measures to detect anomalies by monitoring resource trends. The failures can be dealt with based on the notification history. Detection methods for servers, processes, and keywords notifications are notified.

  • WhaTap reports for operators

    For operators who need to stably operate a large number of resources, various types of reports are provided to reduce the labor of creating report data. If there is a required report, additional report types are provided based on the feedback.

  • Detection of cloud performance vulnerabilities

    WhaTap Server Monitoring provides automatic detection and notification of vulnerabilities that may occur in cloud applications.

  • Determining the appropriate system size

    The required server size differs every year. If you are using the cloud environment, this may differ in real time on a monthly or weekly basis. This is predicted through monitoring, and an appropriate size is calculated.

  • Automatic collection of process performance

    WhaTap Server Monitoring automatically collects the CPU, memory, and IO usage of all processes every 20 seconds.

  • ** Multi-channel and personalized notification**

    We provide personalized notification by using email, SMS, and 3rd party plugin.

  • Cloud, physical server, and hybrid environments It provides metrics for monitoring cloud environments beyond physical servers, and can be applied to scale-out environments as well.