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Tibero Monitoring

WhaTap database monitoring service provides the performance monitoring service by collecting query-based performance metrics and user queries. It provides a solution to monitor database performance in real time for problem diagnosis and analysis. You cam recognize problematic SQLs and make sure that when you apply improvements, the issue has been resolved.

Features of the database monitoring

  • Applicable to both Public Cloud and Private Cloud

    Because data is collected on the query basis, it is independent of the OS of the target server.

  • Agentless

    You do not have to install any agent on the target database server. Any database can be monitored, including Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS).

  • Real-time monitoring for heterogeneous DBs

    It provides the dashboard that allows you to catch the metrics trend of multiple heterogeneous DBs at a glance. In-depth monitoring dashboard per DB allows you to see the performance, running SQLs, lock status, and notification details in real-time.

  • Post Analysis

    You can compare the trend of multiple metrics, long-term trend, and multiple key metrics for trouble analysis in a specific situation. Statistical information can be checked such as increase or decrease in SQL, lock tree, parallel query statistics, DB table space, etc. The clues for SQL tuning is provided by checking the plan of a specific SQL. It can trace changes in the database engine parameters.

  • Monitoring of key concerns

    You can monitor the details of key concerns that may cause failures such as active session, lock tree, etc.

  • Mass monitoring structure

    WhaTap DB Monitoring collects mass monitoring data and displays the unified view through a unified performance data collection system even in management of multiple DB servers.

  • Performance monitoring data

    It collects the performance indicators from DB vendors and the query data in real time, shares data for trouble analysis and performance optimization, and makes the data-based decision.

  • Cloud DB monitoring

    Cloud DB like AWS RDS can also be monitored. The monitoring enables integrated monitoring of performance indicators and resources.

  • Integrated monitoring structure

    By monitoring applications, servers, and DBs with a unified system, you can analyze the causes through linked views when identifying service anomalies.

  • Simple structure

    The process is simple with the structure that can be applied immediately without installation in the DB server.

  • WhaTap SaaS

    Immediately monitor database with a simple installation. It is also available as an installation type.