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CUBRID Monitoring

WhaTap database monitoring service (DBX) provides the performance monitoring service by collecting query-based data. It provides a solution to monitor database performance in real time for problem diagnosis and analysis. You cam recognize problematic SQLs and make sure that the issue has been resolved.

CUBRID Monitoring features

  • Realtime DB Monitoring

    It collects DB performance metrics and running SQLs in real time, shares the data for problem analysis and performance optimization, and enables data-based decision-making. It provides a dashboard for major issues of concern, such as active sessions and lock trees, and detects alert occurrences in real time. It provides clues for SQL tuning by checking the plan data of specific SQLs.

  • Specific point analysis

    By using the metrics' short-term trends, long-term trends, and metric comparison functions, you can analyze problems at the past. You can check historical data such as SQL, Lock Tree, Parallel Query, and tablespace increase/decrease. The database parameter change history is traced.

  • Efficient structure even on a large scale

    Even when managing multiple DB servers, it provides an optimal analysis environment through unified performance data collection and efficient data storage structure.

  • Cloud DB monitoring available

    Structure for query-based monitoring data collection does not depend on the DB server type. DBs in AWS, GCP, Azure, and OCI environments can also be monitored, and monitoring for cloud resource metrics and integrated items is also possible.

  • Integrated Monitoring

    If you have installed all applications, servers, and database monitoring products, you can quickly analyze the causes of failures through linked views when detecting service problems.

  • WhaTap SaaS

    You can select from various database products, and freely set the period of use by monthly subscription. (available also with an installation type)

Supported functions

The following are available features. To compare with other products and supported features, see the following.

MonitoringInstance List
Instance Monitoring
Multi DataBase (tenant)
Slow Query
Trends Compare
Lock Tree
Parallel Query Tree
Dead Lock
DB Parameters
StatisticsSQL Stat
Table Size
Database (TableSpace) Size
SGA Size
ReportDaily/Weekly/Monthly Report
EventEvent List
Event Stat
Event Setting
ManagementAgent Setup
Agent List
Project Management