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Active Transaction

You can quickly recognize abnormal transactions by using URLs, SQLs, and HTTP calls of the active transactions, and can analyze the delayed sections in detail through the transaction trace details.

Agent Installation

The following explains how to install an agent on the application server in the Go environment.

Agent Log

The options of the agent log can be set.


You can analyze the application performance in the Go environment and respond to any issues that may happen.


It describes the Go agent Apdex.

API Guide

You can use the Go library to send the data to be monitored to the WhaTap agent.

Application alert

Alerts are sent through the resource usage, active transactions, and event conditions of error conditions of the application.

Application of the template

Use the pre-configured templates. You can easily perform the initial configuration and change the settings for use.

Basic usage

Let's learn the basic operations in the topology menu.


The following explains how to configure the default settings of the Go agent.


It guides you to the cube analysis.

Daily Application Status

You can check the status of key daily metrics by the time zone for applications in the Go environment.


The WhaTap monitoring dashboard provides functions to understand the overall status of a project at a glance.

Event History

You can see the history of alerts that occurred through Event History.

Event reception format

Learn about the event reception format of the alerts provided by Application Monitoring.

Event Setting

Alerts are sent through the resource usage, active transactions, and event conditions of error conditions of the application.

Flex Board

Let's learn about the custom integrated dashboard, Flex board.


It guides you how to collect logs from your Go application.

Go Monitoring

You can monitor the application server that runs in the Go environment.

HITMAP - Trace analysis

You can see the transaction list and steps under each transaction at once by opening the trace analysis window through the Hitmap widget.


It provides the options regarding the PHP agent's HTTPC and API call.

Log alert

Alerts can be set by filtering the log messages.


It describes an overview of metrics.

Metrics alert

Use the metrics event settings to set specific and complex events.

Metrics widget

Let's learn the metrics widgets placed on the Flex board.

Multiple transaction trace

The transactions and trace data are provided so that you can see various call relationships at a glance within or between systems, and identify where problems occurred for improvement.


It guides you to the report.


Through various metrics collected from the Go application environment, statistical data is provided.

Support Environment

The following lists basic specifications of the Go application server on which the WhaTap monitoring service operates.


Through the real-time data collected from the monitored servers, you can easily understand the correlation between application servers.

Transaction search

You can search for the desired transaction based on the individual transaction's performance properties.


The agent traces the transaction performance and provides the following configurable options.

User count

It aggregates the numbers of real-time users connected to WAS.