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Control of agent functions

It can control the Go agent function.

  • enabled Boolean

    Default true

    It enables all the functions.

  • accesskey / license String

    Set the access key granted by the server when installing the agent. The access key includes the agent's project and the encryption key for secured communication.

  • stat_enabled Boolean

    Default true

    It enables the function to trace the statistics. Statistical data such as transactions, SQL, HTTPCALL, UserAgent, and client IP collected in every 5 minutes are applicable.

  • realtime_user_thinktime_max Milliseconds

    Default 300000

    Set the maximum call interval credited by the same user when measuring the number of real-time users.

  • time_sync_interval_ms Milliseconds

    Default 300000

    Set the synchronization interval between the agents and the server. For no synchronization, set it to 0.

  • text_reset Int

    Default 0

    The WhaTap agent does not transmit the text data once sent until the next day again because it is hashed. If you set a value that is different from the previous setting, it will be sent again.

    Transaction URLs and SQL strings correspond to text data.