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After installing the WhaTap agent, log in WhaTap Monitoring Service. The initial screen is Project list. In Project list, you can see the application server in which the agent has been installed. An application server in which the agent has been installed is a project that is a monitoring unit. If a project is selected from the project list, you can enter Application dashboard.

What is the dashboard?

Through the dashboard, you can see the overall status of the project at a glance. You can check the total resource size for monitoring and filter the resources to be monitored on the real-time dashboard. It updates the active and terminated transactions in real time and provides visual charts. The administrator can intuitively see the exact status of services and systems. In addition, you can immediately recognize failures and potential problem factors.

From the dashboard, you can see the following information:

  • You can adjust the response time range or filter error data through the response time distribution chart.
  • The dashboard analyzes the active transactions and updates the terminated transactions in real time.
  • You can see the resource status such as TPS, response time, CPU, memory, and real-time usage.
  • It provides the real-time monitoring service by automatically updating the latest data.

Learn more about Application Dashboard in the following video clip: