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Using the count trend

Count trend

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You can check the operation trend of the key metrics of the database over time and trace the performance. You can check the current active session data and distinguish the long-running sessions.

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Home > Select Project > Analysis > Counts Trend Comparison

Counts Trend

You can compare the count trends for different dates.

  1. Select the desired instances from the Instance area. You can also select different instances.

  2. Set values for Reference Date and Comparison Date.

  3. Select Search icon.

Using the chart and active session area

Select Layout icon on the screen. In the Layout Setting window, set it to 1 x 3 and then select Save. Time must be set to Last 24 hours. You can see the database key metrics in detail for the day, as follows:

Counts Trend

  • In number1 Time, set a desired time interval.

    • Click the green icon to select a search time.
    • With the lookup period selected, select Left arrow icon or Right arrow icon. Then you can change the lookup time at the set time intervals.
    • If you select the date and time, you can set the desired time in detail. After configuration, select OK.
  • number2 Instance: You can select an instance that is connected with the project.

  • If you click a specific time point of the metrics chart, the (number3) area appears with red lines and the collected active sessions can be also displayed.

  • To change the metrics in the chart, select Configuration icon on the upper right.

  • The active session data is collected every 5 seconds. You can search the data by selecting the number4 5-second cells at the bottom of the screen.

  • To move the time by 1 minute, select number5 Previous time icon or Next time icon.

  • number5 Column icon: The column header entries in the table can be displayed or hidden.

  • number5 Filter icon: You can filter the list based on the column header entries in the table. After selecting the button, you can set the conditions in each header column such as Includes, Excludes, Equal, and Unequal.

  • number5 Download icon: You can download the content of the table as a CSV file.

Column information guide

tranindexTransaction index
userDatabase user name
hostHost name of CAS that performs transactions
pidBroker process ID
programClient program name
query_timeTotal execution time of active queries (unit: second)
tran_timeTotal execution time of transactions (unit: second)
transtatusTransaction status
lock_holderList of transactions that own a lock if transactions are waiting for the lock
sql_idID for SQL text
sql_textQuery statement being executed (up to 30 characters)
sql_paramLiteral value separated from query
sql_hashHash value of query (internal WhaTap control value)