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Using AWS CloudWatch

  • aws_region String

    Set the AWS region.

  • aws_arn String

    You can use the ARN of an IAM ROLE with appropriate roles for AWS authentication.

    Required role

    For the roles, the following policies are required.

    RoleRole details
    rds:DescribeDBInstancesCollection of the instance class data
    rds:DescribeDBClustersCollection of cluster data when using the autoscale
    rds:DescribeDBLogFilesCollection of CloudWatch logs
    rds:DownloadDBLogFilePortionCollection of CloudWatch logs
    ec2:DescribeInstanceTypesCollection of CPU counts for each instance class
    elasticache:DescribeCacheClustersCollection of instance class data when using the elasticache
    cloudwatch:ListMetricsCollection of the list of CloudWatch metrics
    cloudwatch:GetMetricStatisticsCollection of the values of the CloudWatch metrics
    logs:DescribeLogStreamsCollection of CloudWatch logs (in case of using the posted logs)
    logs:GetLogEventsCollection of CloudWatch logs (in case of using the posted logs)
  • cloud_watch String

    Set whether or not to use the CloudWatch Monitoring. The value is on or off.

  • cloud_watch_instance String

    Set the instance name of the CloudWatch.

  • cloud_watch_interval Second

    Set the interval to get monitoring values by CloudWatch (unit: second).

  • cloud_watch_metrics String

    Set the monitoring metric name to be imported into the CloudWatch. You can set it as follows:


Example of configuration for RDS CloudWatch collection

You must create the following default settings to monitor the RDS CloudWatch and collect the related data.


# Create roles in AWS IAM and then copy and paste the role ARN value.

#Example of the instance name
  • For more information about the role ARN, see the following link.

  • For information on how to collect data after granting the RDS CloudWatch metric collection role to EC2 without using the IAM ROLE's ARN value, see the following.