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Agent network communication

The settings are for network communication between the database server where the agent has been installed and the WhaTap collection server.

  • license String

    To install the agent, set the project access key granted from the server. The project access key includes the agent's project and the encryption key for secured communication.

  • String


    Specify the IP address of the collection server to transfer the data collected by the agent. If there are multiple IP addresses for collection server redundancy, use comma (,) as the delimiter. The collection server proxy daemon must be serviced in the listening state for the set IP address.

  • whatap.server.port String

    Default 6600

    Set the port of the collection server. Because only one port can be set, use the same port set in the "whatap_server_host" option.

  • dbms String

    Set the type of the database to be monitored. You can set any of the following DB types.

    • oracle
    • postgresql
    • mysql
    • mssql
  • db_ip String

    Set the IP address of the database server to be monitored.

  • db_port Int

    Set the port used by the database for communication. The default ports for each database are as follows:

    • Oracle: 1521
    • PostgreSQL: 5432
    • EDB: 5444
    • MySQL: 3306
    • MS SQL: 1433
  • db String

    Set the name of the database for database connection.

    • In case of Oracle, set SID.
    • In case of Postgresql and EDB, if not set, the postgresSQL is used by default.
    • In case of MS SQL, if not set, the master DB is used by default.
    • In case of MySQL, you do not have to set it.