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Go Agent v0.4.0

June 19, 2024

  • New Supported linux aarch64.

  • Changed Used the security.conf file instead of paramkey.txt

    It uses the value of the paramkey key in the previous security.conf file. The default value has been changed to WHATAP instead of a random value. If "WHATAP" is specified, decryption is enabled without entering a key.

  • Changed Changed the normalization option setting for SQL statements.

    • Always enable normalization by separating parameters in SQL statements. Always set the trace_sql_normalize_enabled option to true.

    • If you have already disabled the normalization option (disable normalization), activate the setting to normalize and display parameters separately.

      • Set the profile_sql_param_enabled option to true.
      • Normalized parameters are separately encrypted and collected.
      • You can check the data by decrypting it with paramkey in security.conf.
  • Changed Changed the monitoring stop feature.

    • If there is no trace.Init() function call (comment and delete), the monitoring is not started.

    • enabled option setting (true): It stops collecting data. The agent's internal background modules are maintained.

    • Set shutdown option (true): It stops all agent features. To restart the application, change the shutdown option to true and then restart the application.

  • Fixed Fixed the issue where the IP of the server in which the agent has been installed, is collected as, and collected it as the local address IP connected to the WhaTap server via TCP.



  • go-api(import library)

    go get
  • Service agent

    OS NameFile formatArchitectureDownload
    Red Hat / CentOS / Amazon linuxRPMx86 x64Download
    Ubuntu 12 and above / DebianDEBamd64Download
    Alpine linuxtar gzipx86 x64Download