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Analyzing the database

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It describes the database performance metrics that can be analyzed using the real-time monitoring.

Count trend

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Counts Trend

In Count Trend, you can check the following data.

  • Database running trend during the day

  • Key metrics for a specific time zone

  • Active Sessions

    Select the Active Sessions tab at the bottom of the screen. Check information (including queries) of active sessions. For sessions running more than 10 seconds, they are displayed in yellow. For sessions running more than 20 seconds, they are displayed in red. You can see the query plans together.

  • Lock Tree

    Select the Lock Tree tab at the bottom of the screen. You can see the lock information. The structure of holders and waiters is expressed in a tree form. A session lasting for more than 10 seconds is represented in yellow and a session lasting for more than 20 seconds is represented in red.

  • Process Info

    Select the Process Info tab at the bottom of the screen. If you have installed the XOS agent, you can see the process information of the database server.

Home > Select Project > Analysis > Counts Trend Comparison

Counts Trend Comparison

You can compare the count trends for different dates. After setting the reference date and comparison date, select Search icon.

Using the count trend chart

In the count trend chart, you can use the following functions.

Count Trend 24 hours

Select Layout icon on the upper right of the screen. In the Layout Setting window, set it to 1 x 3 and then select Save. Time must be set to Last 24 hours. You can see the database key metrics in detail for the day, as follows:

Checking the count trend by hour

  • If you click a specific time point of the metrics chart, the (Leader line 1) area appears with red lines and the collected active sessions can be also displayed.

  • The active session data is collected every 5 seconds. You can search the data by selecting the Leader line 2 1-second cells at the bottom of the screen.

  • To move the time by 1 minute, select Leader line 3 Previous time icon or Next time icon.

  • To add or delete items in the detailed data cell, select Leader line 3 Column icon. If the Column Setting window appears, you can add or delete any item.

  • Select the Leader line 3 Filter icon button and then apply a filter to the data cell header to sort only the desired data.

  • You can download the data displayed at the bottom of the screen as a CSV file. Select Leader line 3 Download icon.

Database parameters

Home > Select Project > Analysis > Database Parameter

Parameter values in the database can be compared by date. The data of the current time can be seen by default. In Date, select a previous date and then click Search icon. To see the changes between the current time and the selected previous date, select View Changes.

For more information about Database Parameter, see the following video clip.