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Welcome aboard to WhaTap!

WhaTap Monitoring provides unified monitoring features for various platforms. It collects data from numerous sources to help you understand your own systems and improve them.

  • Users can integrate various data together with WhaTap. Using the WhaTap agents and tools, you can collect data and build your own digital ecosystem with a single UI.

  • Users can analyze data together with WhaTap. Based on the collected data, you can use the custom dashboard, various charts, or a powerful query language to find root causes of failures and optimize your system.

  • Users can quickly respond to system failures together with WhaTap. It can detect signs of failures in advance and notify users before the failures occur.

Guide to WhaTap Docs

WhaTap Docs can help you efficiently use WhaTap Monitoring. It provides various usages and recommendations, from step-by-step agent installation to settings for the dashboard, Flex board (custom dashboard), performance metrics, and notifications.

In Docs Home, you can see Shortcuts for each product documenation and the main menus on the left.

  • The fixed top menus allow you to move freely to WhaTab Docs pages.

  • If you select the WhaTap Docs icon, the Docs Home screen appears.

  • WhaTap Docs supports multilingual guidance. Select a desired language from the language option above.

  • If you select the icon, the black-background theme is applied to the WhaTap Docs page.

  • If you select the icon, the bright-background theme is applied to the WhaTap Docs page. The default theme is the black background.

  • Through the Search (Search icon) button on the right of the top menu, you can search for the desired data on the WhaTap Docs page.

    • Enter a keyword in the input field and then press the Enter key on the desired page with the arrow keys to go to the target page.

    • After checking the input field, press the ESC key. The input field is closed.

  • Text of the service screen UI is displayed in blue.

    e.g. Home > Select Project > Dashboard > Application dashboard

  • The path and file name are displayed in green.

    e.g. /usr/whatap/php/whatap.ini

  • The types of comments used in WhaTap Docs are as follows.


    It guides you to the notes related to the service and the functions within WhaTap Docs.


    In addition to the functions, general notes are provided.


    It guides you to the notes that requre attention.


    It guides you to the notes regarding the property damage.

Getting started

Getting Started introduces the WhaTap Monitoring services and guides you to the service flow to help you understand the platform features and user experiences.

  • If you select Getting Started, Home screen appears.

  • In the Support Environment document, you can see an overview of the support environments for each WhaTap monitoring service product.

  • The Home screen (UI) guide document guides you on how to use the initial screen of the service.

  • For more information about WhaTap Monitoring services, see WhaTap Monitoring Service Guide.

  • If you use WhaTap Monitoring for the first time, see Quick Guide.

  • To use the WhaTap monitoring service efficiently, see the learning document that guides you to the dashboard analysis and use cases.

  • For more information about the proxy configuration based on the WhaTap software, see the Software Proxy document.


In Shortcuts for each product documentation, the guides from product installation to configuration and usage tips are provided.

  • Check the support environment before installing agents.

  • For installation of the WhaTap monitoring service, see the agent installation document.

  • Read the installation checklist and see Troubleshooting Guide if you encounter any issues during installation.

  • Read agent setup options and *management** tips from update to deletion.

  • In the Learn about the main features on the service screen, look at the settings for Dashboard, Flex board, Report, and Alert.

Documents for each product can be found in the main menus on the left of the Docs Home screen or in the Product menu at the top.


Management guides you to the payment policy and management methods for service accounts, projects, groups, and such.

  • Check the security-enhanced WhaTap multi-factor authentication method.

  • Learn about the hierarchical structure and management of projects, which are the monitoring units in WhaTap Monitoring.

  • Learn how to manage maintenance plans of the WhaTap monitoring service.

  • Once the 15-day free trial period has expired, check your payment information and see the method to switch to a paid service.


Reference introduces a collection of key concepts and terms used in WhaTap Docs. It provides metrics definition, grammar and command guide of the query language (MXQL) for querying WhaTap metrics, open API document, and terminology dictionary. We also provide the product-specific documents as PDF files. PDF files are provided at the start of each month reflecting the last update. The FAQ document is to be updated continuously.

Release Notes

Release Notes provides information about new features, improvements, and important security patches. For user convenience, service release notes and agent-specific release notes are provided separately.


Please send your feedback such as questions or requests to for additional content on the WhaTap Docs.