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Error Type

It guides you through the types of errors that can occur when applying URL Monitoring and how to set the types.

If you drag the chart area that appears on the URL Monitoring screen, the result data obtained upon calling the URL appears at the bottom of the screen during that time. It guides you on how to take action against the message displayed in the cause details.

Error types of URL Monitoring

connect timed out

In this case, the access for URL call is blocked.

  • First check whether access has any problem by entering the URL in the web browser. Errors may occur during data input.
  • Check the firewall and IP blocking history against frequent calls and explicitly allow access to the IP of the monitoring agent. The external IP of the Seoul agent is

no route to host

The path to reach the destination does not exist. Check whether the following items are entered correctly.

  • Port assignment

  • Protocol of the input URL


    Incorrect input of htts://, https://, etc.:::


This can happen when a protocol is entered repeatedly in the URL field. Check whether the URL is entered in the form of "https://https://...;".

handshake alert: unrecognized_name

It occurs when the server name called by the agent is not identified on the server side. Check whether you entered the URL using the http protocol as "http://...;". PKIX path building failed: unable to find valid certification path to requested target

It occurs when the agent cannot access the SSL certificate of the called site.

  • It's an agent problem. Contact Until now, several cases that are not compatible with the SSL certificate's algorithm have been identified.

  • If it is possible to share a sample module that can call HTTPS protocol based on Java HttpClient, we will develop and deliver a similar agent.