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Support Environment

Before monitoring the database, learn about the supported database types.

Types of the supported databases

The WhaTap Database Monitoring Service (DBX) collects active stat metrics and session data for performance analysis, and stores the collected data. You can analyze or compare the entire trend over a specific period. You can also analyze slow queries by finding the sessions that were in progress at a specific time. Statistical data analysis of SQLs is possible by reprocessing the collected SQLs.

DBX supports the following databases. Install JDK of Java 8 or later.

Supported versions for the database

Tibero 5.x or later

Supported functions

MonitoringInstance List
Instance Monitoring
Multi DataBase (tenant)
Slow Query
Trends Compare
Lock Tree
Parallel Query Tree
Dead Lock
DB Parameters
StatisticsSQL Stat
Table SizeScheduled support
Database (TableSpace) Size
SGA Size
ReportDaily/Weekly/Monthly Report
EventEvent List
Event Stat
Event Setting
ManagementAgent Setup
Agent List
Project Management

Supporting the browser

WhaTap Monitoring is available in web browsers and mobile Apps.

BrowserRecommended?Supported version
Google Chrome84 or later
Mozilla FireFoxLatest version
EdgeLatest version
SafariLatest version
  • Due to browser compatibility and performance issues, it is recommended to use the latest version of Chrome.
  • The user interface (UI) is implemented with HTML5 technology and is not supported by Internet Explorer.


The WhaTap agent must access the collection server's TCP 6600 port. Allow the collection server address near what you are monitoring.

Source: WhaTap agent

DestinationDestination IPPort
WhaTap collection server (Seoul) / 6600
WhaTap collection server (Tokyo) / 6600
WhaTap collection server (Singapore) / 6600
WhaTap collection server (Mumbai) / 6600
WhaTap collection server (California) / 6600
WhaTap collection server (Frankfurt) / 6600

If the agent cannot directly access the collection server, use the provided proxy module to access it.


Mobile app

The WhaTap mobile app supports both Android and iOS environments. You can install the app by moving to the following link or scanning the QR code. For more information about the mobile app, see the following.

iOS 12 or later
Android 5.0 or later