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Instance Monitoring

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Instance Monitoring

In Instance Monitoring, you can monitor the key metrics of the database server, information details on active sessions, lock tree, PQ tree, and process information in real time. You can also see the alerts that could be problematic warnings.

Using the metrics chart area

You can see the information of the database server collected in real time with a chart. On the upper right of each metrics chart, select Configuration icon. The Count window appears to select a chart.

Count window

Layout setting

To set the layout on the metrics chart, on the upper right of the screen, select Layout configuration icon. Nine (3x3) metrics charts are set on the default layout, and you can change the number of charts on a page.

Layout setting

Using the active session area

Through Active Sessions at the bottom of the screen, you can see the real-time active sessions and query details. If you select the query item, you can check the full text and plan data of the query (query).

Using the event area

If an event occurs while monitoring the instances, its details are displayed in the event area on the right. If you select the event details, Analysis > Counts Trend appears. You can check the history of count trend and active sessions.

For more information about event-related analysis, see the following video clip.