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Installing the plug-in

whatap output plugin

You can use the Telegraf's WhaTap output plug-in (TCP) to forward metrics collected in Telegraf to the WhaTap collection server. The collected data can be checked in the WhaTap's project.


Telegraf plug-ins must have been installed and configured directly on the service.

Support Environment

The following operating systems are available for installation via download. For other operating systems, proceed with Compiled installation.

  • macOS
  • Red Hat & CentOS
  • Ubuntu & Debian
  • FreeBSD
  • Windows

Installing via download

This installation file has been created in advance by adding the WhaTap plug-in based on the Telegraf release version. If Telegraf has been already installed, you can enable the WhaTap plug-in by replacing only the executable.

Telegraf release version

Compiled installation


Installation procedure


For the detailed builds, see the Telegraf github page.

Under ${GOPATH}/src/ proceed with the build with the Makefile.

  1. Proceed with the dependency installation. Dependency installation uses the go dep. Accordingly, the go dep must have been installed first.

    # make deps
  2. Build the executable file. Under the ${GOPATH}/bin directory, the executable file (telegraf) is generated.

    # make go-install
  3. If the installation package is required, you can create it with the make package command. Proceed with cross-compilation to generate the package files for each operating system.

    # make package