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The Whatap agent writes the necessary settings for each agent in whatap.conf. The agent locates and loads the configuration file through the environment variables. The options that can be set through the whatap.conf file are as follows:


The Telegraf agent must be manually configured.

Agent name identification

WhaTap basically uses the data collected from the server for identifying the infrastructure server that is the target of monitoring data collection.

  • The agent names must be unique on a project basis.
  • If the agent ID and name have been changed, previous data is not connected.
  • object_name String

    Default {type}-{hostname}-{ip2}-{ip3}-{docker}

    It is an agent naming (ONAME) scheme to identify applications. An OID is created based on the ONAME.

    {type}Use the value set in app_name. The default value is "Telegraf."
    {ip#}When IPs are divided, the #th digit is used.
    {hostname}The server host name is used.
    {docker}Use the IP of the Docker container.
  • app_name String

    It is a component used in the agent naming (ONAME) scheme to identify applications. It corresponds to the {type} among the object_name options.


    It is applied after restarting the whatap-telegraf service.

Agent communication settings

  • license String

    To install the agent, set the project access key granted from the server. The project access key includes the agent's project and the encryption key for secured communication.

  • ip_address


    Set the server to transfer the data collected by the agent. If there are multiple IPs due to the collection server redundancy, they can be specified by separating with comma (,). The collection server's proxy daemon must be serviced in the listening state for the specified IP.

  • whatap.server.port tcp_port

    Default 6600

    Set the collection server's port. Because only one port can be specified, the collection servers specified in whatap_server_host must use the same port.

  • tcp_so_timeout Millisecond

    Default 60000

    Set the socket timeout of the TCP session that communicates with the collection server.

  • tcp_connection_timeout Millisecond

    Default 5000

    Set the connection time out of the TCP session that communicates with the collection server.

  • net_send_max_bytes Byte

    Default 5242880

    Set the maximum size of the data to send to the collection server at one time.

  • net_send_buffer_size Byte

    Default 1024

    Maximum data in bytes to transfer data.


  • telegraf_tcp_port tcp_port

    Default 6600

    TCP port to connect with Telegraf socker_writer output plugin.


    It is applied after restarting the whatap-telegraf service.

  • telegraf_delta_fields String

    Default 1024

    Add an extra field after calculating the increment value of the field with cumulative values. Set the value as the name.fields format. Multiple items can be separated with comma (,).

    e.g. The increment values for accepts and requests in nginx.accepts, nginx.requests nginx are delivered with the names of acceptsDelta and requestsDelta fields.


  • log_keep_days Day

    Default 7

    Set the retention period of log files.