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Event History

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You can check the history of alerts. You can see a list of all events that have occurred.

Server event history

  • number1 Options at the top

    • Time selector
      • You can select a lookup time by selecting the green button on the right. The default setting is 12 hours.

      • By selecting Left arrow icon or Right arrow icon, you can move by the selected inquiry time range.

      • To select a detailed time, select a date or time zone. Set the detailed time and then select Apply.

    • Input field

      You can search by server name or event name in the input field.

    • View only events in progress

      You can only see progress events in the event history list.

    • Display event resolution time

      In the event history list, the Event resolution time column can be added.


      In an active event, the Event resolution time is not viewed.

    • CSV

      You can save the viewed event records as a CSV file. Enter the Maximum CSV lines and then select Download.

  • number2 Event History List

    • Severity

      The severity is displayed in colors for Fatal, Warning.

    • Event title

      The name of the event occurred based on the value set in the event policy.

    • Event time

      Event occurrence time.

    • + Acknowledge

      The event processing history can be added.

    • Server

      Server name.

    • Snapshot

      Snapshot information of CPU, Memory paused, Disk, and Network for the occurred events.

Event Detail Info

If you select Event title in the event history list, it goes to the Detail information for 5 minutes before and after the event.

Server Event Detail

  • number1 Chart Widget

    It displays the CPU Usage, Memory Usage, Network, and Disk IO charts before and after the alarm. The Severity of the event part appears.

  • number2 Process

    You can view the top 10 processes for the event.

  • number3 Acknowledge detail

    The event process records can be viewed. If you select Add to acknowledge history, you can write and save the history.