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Server List

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Select a project in the initial screen of the WhaTap monitoring service, and then select Server List > Server List under Project Menu. The Server list displays the overall status of the collection server and provides the comparison functions between server management functions and between servers.

Server List

Server Status

It displays the current status of the collection server by status. The status is updated every 1 minute.

  • Disable iconDisabled: The agent cannot collect data from the server.

  • Danger iconDanger : Any fatal events occur in the collection server.

  • Warning iconWarning : Any warning events occur in the collection server.

  • Normal iconNormal : The agent is running normally in the collection server.

  • IconPause : The agent temporarily paused collecting data.

Data update

The data on the server list page is automatically updated every 60 seconds.

  • Pause iconPause : You can stop automatic update of the data.
  • Playback iconPlayback : You can restart the auto update you have stopped.
  • Refresh iconRefresh : You can update the data based on the current time.

Server Status

It displays the status of all servers to which agents are assigned. If an agent is selected in the list, the Server Detail page appears. For more information about Server Detail, see the following.

number-s By using the search bar at the upper right of the area, you can filter the servers containing input values among server name (ONAME), server ID (OID), and tags.


  • Columns Icon Select Column

    number-s In the menu at the top, if you click Column iconSelect Column, you can select columns to displays in the table as follows.

    Server list column


    The selected Columns are stored as the browser cookie values so that the status is maintained after refreshing the page. If an error occurs between settings due to cookie deletion or other reasons, it is initialized to the full selection state.

  • Column Width Setting

    You can set the column width by dragging the edge of the column title.

  • Align Columns

    Sort Columns By clicking the column title, you can sort in ascending or descending order.


    The settings for Columns Width and Columns Align are stored in the browser cookies and the status is maintained after refreshing the page. If an error occurs between settings due to cookie deletion or other reasons, it is initialized to the unset state.


number-s If you click Filter iconFilter in the menu at the top, you can filter servers by using the tags.

Tags are automatically assigned when installing the agent. You can add input values. It identifies collection servers or filter the server status through tags.

Server list filter

  • number-s By selecting a tag in the area, you can filter servers.

  • You can enable new tag features by entering tags for each agent. Check the input field in the number-s area.

Monitoring Management

This function manages servers through agent commands. Click Server Management iconManagement and then select a server to apply the management features from the list. On the right, Pause, Restart, and Terminate buttons are activated.

  • Pause iconPause : Data collection for the agent is paused. It is displayed as the paused state in the server list.

  • Restart iconRestart : The agent is restarted.

  • Terminate iconTerminate : The agent operation is stopped. It is excluded from the server list and the server status cannot be checked.

Agent Transfer

By selecting Transfer iconAgent Transfer, you can transfer the agent to another project.

Server list agent transfer

  1. Select a project to transfer on the right screen.

  2. Select an agent to transfer on the left screen.

  3. By clicking right-arrow Right arrow, you can transfer to the target project.

  4. If you click Save, the transfer is completed.

  • If you move the same agent again within 10 minutes just after execution, it may cause a conflict.
  • The collected data is not transferred. Do not delete the existing projects for a while to retrieve the past data.

Comparison between servers

The comparison chart between servers is provided as follows.

Comparison between servers

  1. Select Chart comparison icon Compare.

  2. Like number-s, check whether the Compare column has been added on the left of the server list.

  3. In the Compare column, select a server for comparison..

  4. To enable the comparison function, you can see the chart to compare in the number-s area.

  • The comparison servers can be selected up to 5.

  • Unique colors are assigned to each server. The unique colors are used to distinguish servers in number-s Comparison Chart.

  • If you select Check period, the past data can be retrieved.