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Agent name identification

WhaTap basically uses the data collected from the server for identifying the infrastructure server that is the target of monitoring data collection. The default value is the server's hostname.

  • The agent names must be unique on a project basis.
  • If the agent ID and name have been changed, previous data is not connected.

To see the user-defined agent name in WhaTap Monitoring Service, restart the server.

For a user-friendly name, you can specify it in the configuration file as follows.

  • Linux Shell

    export WHATAP_SERVER_NAME=user-friendly name

    echo "oname=$WHATAP_SERVER_NAME" |sudo tee -a /usr/whatap/infra/conf/whatap.conf
  • Windows Power Shell

    # The admin role is required.
    $WHATAP_SERVER_NAME="user-friendly name"

    Add-Content "C:\Program Files\WhatapInfra\whatap.conf" "oname=$WHATAP_SERVER_NAME"