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Service 2.0.x

Service 2.0.8

January 19, 2024


Fixed In the Metrics tab of Alert > Event setting, fixed the issue where page loading gets slowed too much when there are numerous events.

Service 2.0.6

January 19, 2024


  • In Management > Agent Installation, modified as follows:

    • Change Modified the S3 guidance text on the installation screen.

    • Feature In the Install WhaTap Forwarder tab, added Virginia(us-east-1) in the AWS Region list as in Step 2.

Service 2.0.4

January 15, 2024


Changed In My usage, changed the fixed billing policy.


For more information about the WhaTap billing scheme, see the following.

Service 2.0.3

January 12, 2024


In Dashboard > Application dashboard, the following functions have been modified.

  • Fixed In the Active Transaction widget, fixed the issue where filters by type have not been applied.

  • Fixed Fixed the issue where all agents are viewed when the Agent by kind or Agent by server option is selected but no agent is selected.

Service 2.0.2

January 11, 2024


Fixed In Stat/Report > Statistics, fixed the bug where a filter from another tab is applied in the SQL tab.

Service 2.0.1

January 11, 2024


PostgreSQL V2

Fixed In Analysis > Wait analysis, fixed the metric error in the Wait Event chart.

Service 2.0.0

January 10, 2024



  • Feature In Flex board, added the function to adjust the length of decimal places in auxiliary charts.

  • Changed Modified to apply the Y Auto option for all Hitmap widgets by default.

  • Changed In Flex board, modified the graph chart so that it does not continue when the ranks of the TopN widgets are updated.

  • Fixed In Integrated dashboard, fixed the issue where widget tooltips do not disappear.

  • Fixed Fixed the issue where the pop-up window mode () of the widget created on the Flex board does not work in the organization level.

  • Fixed In Flex board, fixed the problem where the entire project list are not loaded when checking the Hitmap window through the Trace analysis widget, if there is a project for which data cannot be collected with multiple projects selected.

  • Fixed In Flex board, modified to always apply the dashboard filters in the Alert list widget.

  • Fixed In Flex board, fixed the issue where only several items in the widget list appear when any widgets are added in Group widget.


Changed In Alert > Event setting, modified the essential input conditions to execute the Test alert function when adding a metric event.

  • Previous: Category
  • Change: Event name, Category, Level, Message


Fixed In Report, modified to search the end time based on the next day, if the set end time is earlier than the start time.


For example, if it is set to Start date 12-03, Start time 05:00, End time 02:00, you can search between 2023/12/03 05:00 and 2023/12/04 02:00.

Integrated report

  • Changed Modified the message that appears when a new report or a duplicated report is generated.

  • Fixed Fixed the bug where the focus does not move in the list on the left when a duplicate report is generated.

My usage

  • Feature Added the function to display the usage details when any usage value is clicked in Invoice Preview History.

  • Changed Modified to display the promotion banner and not to enter the promotion code even if payment information is not registered.

  • Changed In Usage, displayed the usage as of the UTC reference date.

  • Fixed Fix the terms that are not multilingual in Quota.

  • Fixed Modified to display a single loading image when entering the Project Subscription Status menu.

  • Fixed In Payment information, modified to change the Country/Region item when the Phone is changed to enter or modify the payment information.

User Interface

  • Changed Modified the 1:1 online training text to Apply for WhaTap user training on the chat inquiry screen.

  • Changed Modified the guide message so that you can contact us through the chat tool (speech bubble), if an error occurs.

  • Changed Changed the All Platform text to All Category when selecting a product while creating a project.

  • Fixed Expanded the dark theme to other elements on the service screen.

    Select 테마 아이콘 on the upper right of the service screen, and then click Dark.


  • Feature Added the tooltips and related information and multilingual support to each widget in Application dashboard.

  • Feature Reorganized the Dashboard > Transaction map menu.

    • Deleted the TX trace section at the bottom of the screen.
    • The detailed information is viewed through the Trace analysis pop-up window that appears by dragging the chart in the Transaction map section.
  • Changed In the HITMAP widget of Application dashboard, added the button that goes to the HITMAP transaction menu.

  • Changed Changed the label display criteria to execution time in Multi transaction > Chart mode on the Trace analysis window.

  • Changed In Management > Agent Installation of the Java project, modified the code for the JVM option.

  • Changed In Dashboard > Application dashboard, modified to apply the Y Auto option of the Hitmap widget by default and save the changed Y-axis values.

  • Changed Changed the Node agent installation support version: 7.10.0 → 16.4.0.

  • Fixed Fixed the issue where SQL hash items are not automatically entered when you enter the SQL tab of the Statistic menu on the Trace analysis window.

  • Fixed Fixed the issue where the content of the widget information tooltip does not appear in the older versions of the Application dashboard menu.

  • Fixed Fixed the issue where a time difference happens when downloading the results searched from Trace analysis as a TXT file.

  • In Analysis > Stack, fixed the following issues:

    • Fixed Fixed the issue where update is performed with empty data when there is no filtering result while searching for Active stack.

    • Fixed Fixed the problem where the "No data" message appears first before display of results when searching for Active stack.

  • Fixed In Stat/Report > Statistics, fixed the issue where the T/U button does not work when the HTTP call tab is moved to the Transaction tab.


  • Changed In Alert > Event configuration, added cautions for event occurrence conditions and targets that are related to the metrics event addition and modification.

  • Changed In Log > Log setting, modified to display the encoding item for the agent configuration and script executables differently depending on the set language.

  • Fixed In Log > Log setting, modified to operate the agent configuration and script executables normally.

  • Fixed In the Display Detail screen in Server list > Server Detail, modified to display the tooltip if its name is too long when the mouse is hovered over.



  • Feature In Stat/Report > SQL statistics, added the query preview when hovering the mouse over the query.

  • Feature In #VALUE! > Agent update, a new UI has been applied and features are reorganized.

    • The agent download and update progress can be viewed.
    • When the update completes, the button is automatically disabled.


  • Changed In Dashboard > Multiple instance monitoring and Flex board, changed the order of table columns when the Query List window is opened through the SQL Elapse Map widget.

  • Fixed In Dashboard > Multiple instance monitoring, modified to display only the running agents in the instance list.

  • In Dashboard > Instance monitoring, the following have been modified.

    • Fixed Changed the names of some widgets (utilization → utilization).

    • Fixed Fixed the issue when data cannot be searched in a new window for the Active sessions table.

    • Fixed Fixed the screen flickering issue when the Active sessions, Lock tree, Process Info tabs are selected.

    • Fixed Fixed the issue where a same query appears repeatedly when the SQL details window of the selected SQL query has any comment.

PostgreSQL / MySQL

  • Feature Added the function to display the agent update guidance message in the header when the agent has been installed but it does not support the V2.

  • Changed In Dashboard > Instance list, the agent update guidance message has been changed.

PosgreSQL V2

  • Feature In Analysis > Wait analysis, added the guidance modal for the agent configuration.

  • Feature In Analysis > Wait analysis, added the function guidance modal.

  • Feature In Stat/Report > PG SQL statistics, added the query preview when hovering the mouse over the query.

  • Feature Added the function to check the configuration for column and index in the following menu paths:

    • In the Dashboard > Instance monitoring, Multiple instance monitoring > Active sessions section, select the query items > view the plan in JSON mode on the SQL details window > click a table or index.

    • In Analysis > Top Object, click the tablename or indexname column.

    • In Stat/Report > Database size, click the tablename column.


Feature In Stat/Report > MYSQL SQL STATISTICS, added the function to display the preview when hovering the mouse over the query.



  • Changed In the summary view under Container Map, modified to display the container ID with the container name upon query of the current log (Stdout).

  • Fixed In Container Map, fixed the title-related bug in the summary view window.


  • Feature Added the function to filter only the selected resources when the status icon is selected at the top of the screen in the following menus:

    • Resource > Node list
    • Resource > Container list
    • Resource > Pod List
  • Feature Added the following menus under the Resource menu.

    • Pod List: The Pod list and information details are provided.
    • Container Application List: The list and information details of the containerized applications are provided.
    • Container Images: The list of images in use is provided.
  • Feature In Container list, added the function to move to the Node list menu that filters the nodes when the Node column is selected.

  • Feature In Cluster Summary, added the lists for Service, Ingress, Job, and CronJob objects.

  • Feature In Node list, added the metric, -

  • Feature In Container Images, added the metrics, - Total Container CPU and Total Container Memory.

  • Changed In Node list, modified the classification and positions of columns.

    • Moved the CapacityCpu column from Node info to CPU.
    • Moved the CapacityMemory column from Node info to Memory.
  • Changed In Performance summary, added Number of containers running on nodes with agents and Number of pods running on nodes with agents, Number of nodes with agents widgets.

  • Changed In Cluster Summary, added the Total Capacity CPU (total CPU for nodes) and Total Capacity Memory (total memory for nodes) widgets.

  • Fixed In Node details, fixed the issue where the server cannot be selected intermittently.

  • Fixed In Node list, modified to select only one value when setting any filter with the condition of Equal.

  • Fixed In Performance summary, fixed the issue where the content does not appear properly in the widget depending on the user device.

  • Fixed In Performance summary, fixed the bug where the time selector's indication is changed from 5 minutes to 30 minutes, when the real-time mode is paused () and then the Restart () button is selected.


Changed Changed the Japanese menu name of the Multi service hitmap and Custom hitmap menu.

  • マルチサービスヒトマップ → マルチサービスヒットマップ
  • カスタムヒトマップ → カスタムヒットマップ


  • Feature Added the log data search function in the WhaTap Event: #WhatapEvent category.

  • Feature Added the Kubernetes Event menu to search Kubernetes events as a project basis.


  • Feature Added the Correlated Project Management menu under Management: Registration, view, and deletion of the linked projects.

  • Feature If there is any linked project, provided the Correlation analysis view for the SQL target server and HTTPURLConnection information in Trace analysis > Table view.

  • Changed Reorganized the Analysis > POD initialization performance menu

    • It is supported in Node agent 1.4.2 or later.
    • Extended the support from clusters to the cluster and namespace projects.
    • Enhanced the search performance.
    • Added the CSV download function.
    • Provided the Pod filtering function for the status when selecting the status icon.
  • Fixed In Alert > Event configuration, modified the link set on the Go To The Guide button of the metrics event addition window.

  • Deprecated In Metrics Chart, deleted the Container category of the metrics chart.


  • Feature In Log search Live Tail, reorganized the log search filtering function.

    • Added the query syntax guide to support entry of search values.
    • Added the function to change the added tags with keyboard inputs.
    • Added the function to create and modify tags and to modify operators by clicking.
  • Feature In Alert > Event configuration, enhanced to display the failure reason in a message when the API request has failed while adding or modifying a real-time log event.

  • Feature Added the function to display colors for log labels when the agent options have been set.

    # requires agent restart


  • Feature Added a filter to search based on the user ID in the following menus:

    • Analysis > Page Load Hitmap

    • Analysis > AJAX Hitmap

  • Changed In Dashboard > Browser Monitoring Dashboard, modified the map widget by default to display the country with the highest page load based on the lookup time.

  • Changed Modified the Japanese menu names on the sidebars of the project.

  • Fixed In Browser Monitoring Dashboard, fixed the issue where the data appears as 30 minutes of real time when the time selector is paused and then restarted in real time mode.

  • Deprecated In Browser Monitoring Dashboard, deleted the following among the time selection options of the time selector.

    • Real-time 30 minutes
    • Real-time 1 hour
    • Last 1 week
    • Last 2 week
    • Last 3 week


Fixed In Management > Agent installation, modified to move the link of the Price policy button in the Pricing tab according to the set language.

  • Amazon CloudWatch, Azure Monitor, and Oracle Cloud Monitor products