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Node.js Agent v0.4.94

March 7, 2024

  • Feature Added the monitoring module.

    Using the trace_sampling_enabled and trace_sampling_tps options, you can see the sampled data. Make it untraceable by adding the / path to the trace_ignore_url_prefix option.

    • trace_sampling_enabled Boolean

      Default false

      You can set whether or not to collect trace data samples.

    • trace_sampling_tps Number

      Default 1000

      You can set the trace data sampling count. The data exceeding the set count is not transmitted and is initialized every 1 seconds.

  • Feature Added the agent setting options.

    • profile_http_header_ignore_keys String

      Default Cookie,cookie,accept,user-agent,referer

      You can specify the HTTP header name to exclude from collection. The set HTTP header names are excluded from collection, and they are marked with "#."

    • profile_http_parameter_keys String

      Only the parameters corresponding to the set key are recorded. For multiple values, use comma (,) as the delimiter. If not specified, all parameters are recorded.

  • Changed In case the profile_http_parameter_enabled option is set to true

    • Modified not to output the body data of an HTTP request.
    • Modified to encrypt HTTP parameters and decrypt them with the paramkey.txt value.

    For more information about the profile_http_parameter_enabled option, see the following.

  • Fixed Fixed the Mongoose monitoring exception error.