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.NET Agent v2.1.0

July 6, 2023

  • New Adding the web service setting options

    • webservice_method_enabled Boolean

      Default false

      If the value has been set to true, web services can be traced. To apply the set values, restart IIS.

    • webservice_method_prefix String

      Enter the name of the method to be traced along with the namespace. Because web services cannot be directly traced, directly enter the method that has used the web services as a trace target. To apply the set values, restart IIS.

      See the following example:

      webservice_method_prefix=Test.Demo, WebServiceDemo.WebService.
      • The methods that meet the conditions are traced even if they do not use web services. However, if any methods do not use web services, when an error occurs, the error may not be detected and the transaction can remain unfinished.

      • If you enter just the class to which the method belongs, all methods within that class are to be traced.

  • Change Improved the agent performance for processing packets.