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Redis metrics

Database metric comprehensively collects the database workload and resource usage. The WhaTap monitoring service continuously collects metric data to identify bottlenecks in the database and provides data to help identify the root cause of the performance issue.

For more information about other metrics, see the following.

BLOCKED_CLIENTSNumber of clients waiting by BLPOP, BRPOP, BRPOPLPUSH commandsCLIENTS
CONNECTED_CLIENTSNumber of connected clients (excluding slave node connections)CLIENTS
TRACKING_CLIENTSNumber of clients being trackedCLIENTS
CMDSTAT_XXX_CALLSIt displays the Redis command statistics.
call: XXX Command execution count
CMDSTAT_XXX_USECIt displays the Redis command statistics.
usec: XXX command execution time (microsecond)
CMDSTAT_XXX_USEC_PER_CALLIt displays the Redis command statistics.
usec_per_call: XXX command's average execution time (microsecond)
USED_CPUused_cpu_sys + used_cpu_userCPU
USED_CPU_SYSCPU used in System modeCPU
USED_CPU_SYS_CHILDRENCPU used by child processes in System mode when storing RDB/AOF filesCPU
USED_CPU_USERCPU used in User modeCPU
USED_CPU_USER_CHILDRENCPU used by child processes in User mode when storing RDB/AOF filesCPU
AVG_TTL_DB0Key's remaining time in DB0 (millisecond)KEYSPACE
AVG_TTL_DB1Key's remaining time in DB1 (millisecond)KEYSPACE
EXPIRES_DB0Number of keys to be expired in DB0KEYSPACE
EXPIRES_DB1Number of keys to be expired in DB1KEYSPACE
KEYS_DB0Number of keys in DB0KEYSPACE
KEYS_DB1Number of keys in DB1KEYSPACE
MEM_FRAGMENTATION_RATIORatio between used_memory and used_memory_rssMEMORY
USED_MEMORY_PEAKMaximum used memory (bytes)MEMORY
USED_MEMORY_RSSResident Set Size. Total physical memory (RAM) occupied by the processesMEMORY
AOF_ENABLEDThe value is 1 if the appendonly mode in redis.conf is yes, 0 if no. If yes, appendonly.aof is read when the Redis server starts, and if no, dump.rdb is read.PERSISTENCE
AOF_REWRITE_IN_PROGRESSIt displays 1 if the current AOF file is being stored in the background.PERSISTENCE
AOF_REWRITE_SCHEDULEDThe value is 1 if an AOF rewrite is scheduled. If an RDB file is being stored, it is scheduled (1) because AOF files cannot be stored at the same time. After storage is complete, an AOF rewrite starts.PERSISTENCE
RDB_BGSAVE_IN_PROGRESSIt displayed 1 when the RDB file background save is in progress.PERSISTENCE
RDB_CHANGES_SINCE_LAST_SAVENumber of data entries since the last save of the RDB filePERSISTENCE
RDB_CURRENT_BGSAVE_TIME_SECIf any RDB file is being stored in the background, it is the time elapsed from the start.PERSISTENCE
RDB_LAST_BGSAVE_TIME_SECLast RDB file stored time in the background (seconds)PERSISTENCE
RDB_LAST_SAVE_TIMELast RDB file successfully stored timePERSISTENCE
CONNECTED_SLAVESNumber of connected slaves in Master modeREPLICATION
REPL_BACKLOG_ACTIVEThe value is 1 in Master mode and 0 in Slave mode.REPLICATION
REPL_BACKLOG_SIZEIt is the repl-backlog-size setting in the redis.conf file. When the connection with the slave is disconnected, the input data is saved in the backlog-buffer, and when reconnected, the data in the backlog-buffer is sent to the slave for synchronization without sending and receiving the entire data again.REPLICATION
EVICTED_KEYSNumber of keys excluded by the maxmemory limitSTATS
EXPIRED_KEYSNumber of keys deleted by the expire commandSTATS
INSTANTANEOUS_OPS_PER_SECYou can see the current number of commands processed per second, and how many commands are being processed per second.STATS
KEYSPACE_HITSIf a value is returned by get key, it is increased by 1.STATS
KEYSPACE_MISSESIf nil is returned by get key, it is increased by 1.STATS
LATEST_FORK_USECTime taken for the last fork() (microsecond)STATS
MIGRATE_CACHED_SOCKETSCluster migrate-related valueSTATS
PUBSUB_CHANNELSNumber of channels connected by pub/sub channelSTATS
PUBSUB_PATTERNSNumber of pattern channels connected by pub/sub patternSTATS
REJECTED_CONNECTIONSNumber of connections rejected by the maxclients limitSTATS
SYNC_FULLNumber of full syncs and slave nodes in Master nodeSTATS
SYNC_PARTIAL_ERRNumber of full sync errors and slave nodes in Master nodeSTATS
SYNC_PARTIAL_OKNumber of full sync oks and slave nodes in Master nodeSTATS
TOTAL_COMMANDS_PROCESSEDTotal number of commands processed after a server startup (for both storage and inquiries)STATS
TOTAL_CONNECTIONS_RECEIVEDTotal number of connections after a server startupSTATS
CPU_IDLE_XOSOS metrics collected by XOSXOS
CPU_IOWAIT_XOSOS metrics collected by XOSXOS
CPU_SYS_XOSOS metrics collected by XOSXOS
CPU_USER_XOSOS metrics collected by XOSXOS
CPU_XOSOS metrics collected by XOSXOS
MEM_AVAILABLE_XOSOS metrics collected by XOSXOS
MEM_BUFFCACHE_XOSOS metrics collected by XOSXOS
MEM_SWAPFREE_XOSOS metrics collected by XOSXOS
MEM_SWAPTOTAL_XOSOS metrics collected by XOSXOS
MEM_TOTAL_XOSOS metrics collected by XOSXOS
MEM_USED_XOSOS metrics collected by XOSXOS
MEM_XOSOS metrics collected by XOSXOS
NET_RECV_BYTES_XOSOS metrics collected by XOSXOS
NET_RECV_PACKETS_XOSOS metrics collected by XOSXOS
NET_SEND_BYTES_XOSOS metrics collected by XOSXOS
NET_SEND_PACKETS_XOSOS metrics collected by XOSXOS