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Installation checking items

The items must be checked after installing the agent. If any problem occurs during installation, see the following.

Agent Log

When the application server runs, it starts collecting the monitoring data.

The locations of logs are created as the following file in the logs directory under $WHATAP_HOME. There are two types of log files.

  • whatap-boot-yyyymmdd.log: Data collection log
  • whatap-hook.log: Log for data collection

An example of a normal log is as follows:

_      ____       ______Python-AGENT
| | /| / / / ___ /_ __/__ ____
| |/ |/ / _ \/ _ `// / / _ `/ _ \
|__/|__/_//_/\_,_//_/ \_,_/ .__/
Just Tap, Always Monitoring
WhaTap Python Agent version 0.1.33, 20171017

WHATAP_HOME: /Users/kimjihye/workspace/whatap/python-sample/whatap
Config: /Users/kimjihye/workspace/whatap/python-sample/whatap/whatap.conf
Logs: /Users/kimjihye/workspace/whatap/python-sample/whatap/logs

Collecting the GraphQL performance data

If the GraphQL library is included in web transactions, the document and latency are collected.

For document-specific performance analysis, set the GraphQL API end point to a transactional exception. After configuration, it automatically uses the graphql.execute function as the transaction start point. The transactions are collected that have the name of the object at the top of the document as the service name.