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Firewall configuration checking

If the TCP outbound policy for the WhaTap data collection server has not been set, monitoring data cannot be transferred. Deselect the firewall blocking.

Use the telnet command to check "Connected to IP."

$ telnet 6600
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

For the connection server details, select a desired project in WhaTap Monitoring Service, and then check in Management > Agent Installation.

Permission denied error

To use WhaTap Python Monitoring, the read and write role is required.

  • Read and write role of the_ $WHATAP_HOME/whatap.conf_ file
  • Read and write permission for the $WHATAP_HOME/logs log directory and subordinate files

If the permission denied error occurs, give the role for $WHATAP_HOME.

$ echo `sudo chmod -R 777 $WHATAP_HOME`

Errors of project agent unregistration and no monitoring data collection

Check the log file ($WHATAP_HOME/logs/) and then resolve each problem as follows:

  • whatap-hook.log
    • CONF FILE ERROR: There is no permission to create the configuration file. Create the file.
    • CONF READ ERROR: The configuration file exists but does not have the read role. Give the role to the file.
    • LOG FILE ERROR: There is no create permission for the log directory. Create the directory.
    • LOGGING ERROR: The log directory exists but does not have the write role.
  • whatap-boot-yyyymmdd.log
    • license or error: Wrong access key or collection server address

Port conflict

Agents communicating internally use the UDP 6600 port by default. In case of internal port conflict, change the port with the net_udp_port=xxx option.

Unable to set the $WHATAP_HOME environment variable

  • Apache HTTPD To run the web server with Apache, set the environment variable as follows:

    <VirtualHost *:80>

    SetEnv WHATAP_HOME "application path"
    # Directory
  • Manual configuration of an environment variable If necessary, set an environment variable as follows:

    import os
    os.environ.setdefault("WHATAP_HOME", [application path]")
    import whatap