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Control of agent functions

The functions of the Python application server are controlled.

  • enabled Boolean

    Default true

    All functions are enabled. Even when the value is false, the minimum data to maintain communication with the server is sent.

  • counter_enabled Boolean

    Default true

    The performance counter tracing is enabled. The performance counter includes data such as active transaction, user, CPU, memory, SQL, and outbound HTTP call. It is ignored when the enabled value is false.

  • stat_enabled Boolean

    Default true

    The statistics tracing is enabled. Statistical data such as transactions, SQL queries, outbound HTTP calls, user agents, and client IPs is collected every 5 minutes, but now the collection is stopped. It is ignored when the enabled value is false.

  • active_stack_enabled Boolean

    Default true

    Enable the active stack tracing.


    If the counter_enabled value is disabled, the active stacks are not collected because no active transaction data is collected.

  • eactive_stack_second Seconds

    Default 10

    Set the interval for tracing the active stacks.


    It is not recommended changing the value.

  • realtime_user_thinktime_max MiliSeconds

    Default 300000

    Set the maximum call interval credited by the same user when measuring the number of real-time users.

  • time_sync_interval_ms MiliSeconds

    Default 300000

    Set the synchronization interval between the agents and the server. For no synchronization, set it to 0.

  • realtime_user_thinktime_max Int

    Default 0

    The WhaTap agent does not transmit the text data once sent until the next day again because it is hashed. If a value is set different from the previous setting, the data is sent again.


    Transaction URLs and SQL strings correspond to text data.