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Slow Query

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It reads the slow query logs from the database and display them as a visual chart. The reference time for a slow query is set in a DB parameter, and the SQL in the slow query log is displayed.


Even for the same SQL, in case of the SQL Elapse Map metric in Multiple instance monitoring, an error may occur because the time is calculated based on active sessions.

Guide on how to use

To use the Slow Query menu, set parameters and roles as follows.

Configuration of the DBX agent file


Configuration of the DB parameters

log_min_duration_statement = 500 # e.g. SQL logs that take more than 500 ms

XOS agent configuration of the DB server

Set as follows to adjust the collection cycle for slow queries.

slow_query_interval = 30 # Default 30 seconds
  • The slow queries for RDS postgreSQL are not supported.

  • To monitor slow queries, be sure to install the XOS agent on the DB server. For more information about the XOS agent installation, see the following.

Basic screen guide

slow query

  • Leader line 1 Time Selector / Instance

    You can change the duration of an active session or select individual instances.

  • Leader line 2 Slow Query

    It displays the times of slow queries with a chart. If you drag a specific area with you mouse, you can see information details in Leader line 3 Slow Query List.

  • Leader line 3 Slow Query List

    The slow query details on the area dragged on the Slow Query chart are displayed in the list. If SQL is selected, you can see the (query)'s full text and plan information.