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What is Transaction?

Transaction means the logical unit of work (LUW) on the server side for processing a user browser request. The process for an individual web service (URL) request is a transaction. A transaction in a web application is the process from receiving an HTTP request for a web service (URL) to returning a response.

The performance of the application can be summarized as the performance of these transactions. Transaction performance includes information such as transaction start-to-end time, response time, resource usage, or attributes of the transaction caller.

Basically, the transaction performance can be analyzed through the response distribution and statistics.

Transaction name

The transaction name is URL. However, the Get parameter (query string) is excluded.

Browser Request'kim'

Transaction Name


In WhaTap, the web service name and transaction name are used interchangeably. It can be viewed as a module for handling service-specific URLs and requests to them. Because it means a process of a transaction request, the names of both can be called as URL.

Normalizing the transaction name

As the MSA-based systems evolve, instead of URL + ? argument parameter type, it is better to use the methods to put parameters in the URL path.

If the path parameter is used as the transaction name as it is, it is difficult to analyze the performance from a statistical point of view. You need to normalize this. WhaTap provides options and functions for normalization.


If set as the above, the transaction name is replaced for collection: /hr/kim/ To leave the target URL setting as it is and turn off only the function, specify the option as follows. he default value is true.