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Creating the Flex board

Creating a dashboard

You can create your own dashboard by creating a Flex board and placing widgets on it.

  1. From the Flex Board menu, select + Create dashboard on the upper right.

  2. If the Create dashboard window appears, enter the dashboard name in the Name field.

  3. Select the widget placement method and then click Create dashboard.

    • Fixed layout Flex board: Widgets can be placed freely on a pixel basis.

    • Responsive Flex board: It provides the grid responsive layout based on the browser size. If Responsive Flex board is selected, select a grid and then select Create dashboard.

  4. In the widget template selection area, select widgets to place on the dashboard. To add any metrics widget, on the right of Widget Template, select All Metrics.

    • Widget Template: You can select from a list of predefined widgets to arrange the metrics that are important to you for general monitoring.
    • All Metrics: It is used to create widgets based on all metrics data being collected from your project. For more information about the metrics widget, see the following.
  5. Reposition or resize the placed widgets.

    • Hover your mouse cursor over the placed widget. When the cursor shape changes to a cross, click and drag the widget. You reposition it.

    • Move your mouse cursor to the lower right of the place widget. When the cursor shape changes to an arrow, click and drag the widget. You can resize it.

  6. After placing the added widgets, select View Mode and then check the layout. To modify the layout again, select Edit Mode and then reposition the widgets.

After all things are made, select the icon �목록으로 가기 아이콘 (Go to List) on the upper right. In the board list on the Flex Board menu, you can check the created board. By selecting a created board, you can check the new Flex board.


We want to add dashboard templates or widgets based on your feedback. If you need any dashboard templates or widgets, contact