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Agent communication settings

The following provides the method how to set the communication for the PHP application server.

  • ip_address


    Set the server to transfer the data collected by the agent. If there are multiple IPs due to the collection server redundancy, they can be specified by separating with comma (,). The collection server's proxy daemon must be serviced in the listening state for the specified IP.

  • whatap.server.port tcp_port

    Default 6600

    Set the collection server's port. Only one port can be specified. The collection servers specified in whatap_server_host must use the same port.

  • whatap.tcp_so_timeout Millisecond

    Default 60000

    Set the socket timeout of the TCP session that communicates with the collection server.

  • whatap.tcp_connection_timeout Millisecond

    Default 5000

    Set the connection time out of the TCP session that communicates with the collection server.

  • whatap.net_send_max_bytes Byte

    Default 5242880

    Set the maximum size of the data to send to the collection server at one time.

  • whatap.net_udp_port tcp_port

    Default 6600

    The WhaTap agent transfers the data collected from the tracer through UDP communication to the collection server. You can specify the port of the first UDP server. If the provided port 6600 is in use, you can use this option. If you have a WhaTap entry in php.ini by a PHP compiled installation, add it to php.ini, not whatap.ini.


The setting is applied after Apache and PHP-FPM have been restarted.