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Installation checking items

The database monitoring has been installed completely. After installation, check if the installation was successful by doing the following:

Checking the agent installation

Run the shell script file or the start.bat batch file from the installation path of the database agent. When you run the agent, it starts collecting monitoring data from the database. If the WhaTap logo is displayed in the terminal after executing the shell script, it is normally executed.
$ ./

_ ____ ______
| | /| / / / ___ /_ __/__ ____
| |/ |/ / _ \/ _ `// / / _ `/ _ \
|__/|__/_//_/\_,_//_/ \_,_/ .__/
Just Tap, Always Monitoring
WhaTap DBX version X.Y.Z YYYYMMDD

To use it like a daemon, execute the command. However, it works only in the environment where nohup has been installed.

Checking the logs

  • dbx.log

    All logs related to the agent startup and collection can be found in $WHATAP_HOME/logs/dbx.log path. If the size of the dbx.log file exceeds 25 MB, it is backed up with the file name of dbx.log.[n]. To clean up files, delete the files starting from the greatest (old) number.

  • xos.log

    The logs related to the startup of XOS are recorded in $XOS installation path/xosyymmdd.log file. The logs are created by date.

Checking the agent processes

You can check the status of the active WhaTap DBX agent process with the following command.

$ ps -ef | grep dbx

Checking the monitoring

To check that the log has been normally uploaded from the server and the console has been registered normally, go to the initial screen of Whatap Monitoring Service. Select the project to check and then select Management > Agent List on the left. From Agent List, you can check the name of the database server. To set the names of database servers separately, see the following.