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Real-time Alert List

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Real-time Alert List

You can see the alerts of all projects for which you have permission in real time and check their status at a glance. You can also see them classified by timeline, alert title, project, and application.

The interval to fetch the alert list in real time is 20 seconds. Select Refresh on the upper right of the screen to newly update the list of alerts that occurred 20 seconds ago.

Searching the alert

Enter the content to search in the text field on the upper left of the screen, and then select Search icon. You can search the desired alerts. Searched results appear in the list at the bottom of the screen.

Filtering by group, project, and product

You can filter the notification list by group, project, or product type. Select Project on the upper left of the screen. If the Project window appears on the right of the screen, select items by Group, Project, or Product Type.

Alert Filtering

  • Selected items appear on the right of the alert search text field. You can select multiple items.
  • To cancel the selection, select the items again.
  • In the Project window, select Close icon or click the outside of the project window. Then you can see the filtered notification list.
  • In the Project window, if there are too many items in the list, you can search the desired item through Search.
  • You can also search the alert content with the items filtered.

Setting the alert list time

You can check the lists of alerts for each time zone. Select the time selection box on the upper right of the screen, to the left of the Refresh button. You can select any of Last 1 hour (Default Value), Last 3 hours, Last 6 hours, Last 12 hours, and Last 1 day.

You can check alerts depending on the selected time zone through the timeline. It is easy to check the time zone for the most frequent alerts.

Grouping the alert lists

Alert Grouping

You can sort the notification list by Title, Project, or Application. To ungroup it, select Timeline.


To turn on or off the sound when a notification occurs, select Sound icon.

Excluding from the alert list

You can exclude a part of the real-time alert list.

  1. Search or filter the alerts to exclude so that they can appear in the list.

  2. On the upper right of the screen, select Add Acknowledge.

  3. If the message window appears, select Apply.


The task takes 30 to 60 seconds to complete.

Checking the snapshot


If the Snapshot icon button appears on the utmost right of each item in the notification list, you can see the snapshot for the corresponding notification. If you select Snapshot icon, the Snapshot window appears on the right of the screen.

For more information about the selected alert, see the Snapshot window.

Using the additional functions

If you select More icon on the utmost right of each item in the notification list, you can use the following additional functions.