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Alert Settings

You can set event conditions and receive alerts through various routes such as email, SMS, messenger, and App Push.

  • You can set notifications for disconnected communication between agents and the collection server, application resource utilization, active transactions, errors, response delays, and response distribution anomaly.
  • Notification settings for conditions that are difficult to accept by application notification are provided through the tag count notification function.
  • Through the machine learning-based AI notification settings, hitmap patterns are detected to send notifications. The AI module determines application execution distribution patterns and sends their alerts. You can quickly and accurately recognize issue situations without setting complex conditions.
  • Through the Event Setting menu, you can set the threshold-based alert conditions and reception settings.
  • In Notification Setting, you can set the individual alert reception channels and time zones.
  • In Event History, you can see the event occurrence history.

The following is the video clip to introduce the alerts of the application monitoring.

  • To set alerts for other accounts, you must have a permission of Edit, Alert Settings, and Member management.

  • To add or set an event, you must have the alert settings permission. For more information about the permission scheme, see the following.

  • For alerts, see the following to find which event types are supported by monitoring platform.