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The following provides the options related to the Node.js agent DB and SQL.

  • profile_sql_param_enabled Boolean

    Default false

    Collecting SQL parameters is enabled. However, the parameters can be retrieved only by entering a separate security key. Set the security key to 6 digits in paramkey.txt of the agent installation path. If paramkey.txt does not exist, it is automatically generated and a random key is set.

  • profile_connection_open_enabled Boolean

    Default true

    It records DB connection open data in the trace details.

  • profile_error_sql_time_max Int

    Default 30000

    If the SQL execution time exceeds the set value, it is treated as TOO SLOW error. If it is set to 0, it is not treated as an error.

  • trace_sql_normalize_enabled Boolean

    Default true

    It enables the function to normalize any SQL statements by extracting the literal part from each SQL statement.

  • hook_connection_open_patterns String

    It registers the method to call upon DB connection open. It is common to register getConnection of any connection pool that has not been set.

  • trace_sql_error_stack Boolean

    Default false

    SQL errors are stored as stacks (MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server).

  • trace_sql_error_depth Int

    Default 50

    Set the number of lines of errors to be stored when applying the trace_sql_error_stack option.