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Flex Board Management

Editing the Flex board

In Dashboard list under Flex Board, select Edit icon. The Flex Board Management window appears on the right of the screen.


Guide to the Flex Board editing role

  • Home > Integrated Flex Board

    Individual account dashboards are not affected by the role, but the shared dashboards are read-only and cannot be edited.

  • Home > Select Project > Dashboard > Flex Board

    The users with the project editing role or project flexboard update role, and site admin role can modify the board.

  • For more information about the member roles, see the following.

Flex board management

You can set the following properties:

  • Rename: You can change the name of the dashboard.

  • Project: You can select the projects to get data into the dashboard widgets.


    This option can be set only in Home > Integrated Flex Board.

  • Layout

    • You can move a widget by dragging it.

    • You can resize a widget by selecting the lower right part of the widget and then dragging it.

    • Select Configuration icon on the upper right of the widget to delete.

    • After enabling the Overlap toggle button, you can overlap the widgets for placement.


    If you enter Home > Integrated Flex Board, you can select projects to import data for each widget. Click Add icon at the upper right of the widget, and then select a desired project. You can search and then select a project, and you can select multiple ones. After selection, select Apply.

  • Widget.json: Dashboard widget settings can be loaded in json format. If you select Copy icon button, the json content is copied.

  • Option.json: Dashboard settings can be loaded in json format. If you select Copy icon button, the json content is copied.

Deleting the Flex board

In Flex Board > Dashboard list, select Delete icon on the right of the item to delete. When the confirmation message appears, select Delete.

  • When a dashboard owner deletes the shared dashboard, the dashboard is deleted from all user accounts.
  • When a user who has a shared dashboard deletes the dashboard, it is only deleted from the user's dashboard list. The original dashboard remains intact.