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Installation checking items

The database monitoring has been installed completely. Check the checklist after installation.

Checking the agent logs

Run the shell script file or the start.bat batch file from the installation path of the database agent. When you run the agent, it starts collecting monitoring data from the database. Check the agent log to see whether the agent has started.
$ ./

_ ____ ______
| | /| / / / ___ /_ __/__ ____
| |/ |/ / _ \/ _ `// / / _ `/ _ \
|__/|__/_//_/\_,_//_/ \_,_/ .__/
Just Tap, Always Monitoring
WhaTap DBX version 1.3.9 20181120

Checking the agent processes

You can check the status of the active WhaTap DBX agent process with the following command.

$ ps –ef | grep dbx

Checking the logs

If the log appears normally when restarting the service, you can check that the agent has been installed successfully. After registering the agent, the collection-related log can be checked in the $WHATAP_HOME/logs path. If the agent runs normally, check the following log files on the date.

  • whatap-DBX-OID-DATE
  • whatap-boot-DATE.log

Checking the monitoring

To check that the log has been normally uploaded from the server and the console has been registered normally, go to the initial screen of Whatap Monitoring Service. Select the project to check and then select Management > Agent List on the left. From Agent List, you can check the name of the database server.

Database Agent List

For the database name, an ID is given in the format of {type}-{ip2}-{ip3}-{port}.

Agent structure

Let's learn about the elements of the agent structure.

Agent architecture

  • Collection server

    It collects and stores the database performance data collected by agents, extracts statistical data, and efficiently provides them to users. The collection server can be set by region. Different collection server addresses are allocated to each region. The collection server address may differ depending on the selected region. When creating a project, the region is also set.

  • Default Agent

    Query-based performance data is collected and transmitted to the server. Monitoring is possible without installing agents directly on the database server to be monitored.

  • Additional agent (XOS agent)

    XOS Agent Architecture

    The XOS agent is an optional add-on agent that can monitor the process usage of the database server. To monitor the process usage of the database server, run a separate agent on the database server to collect data.


    The XOS agent can be applied to only the OS environment running on the x86 architecture.

  • Network

    • Default agent: The WhaTap monitoring agent uses the external communication (TCP) port 6600 to transfer the collected monitoring data to the WhaTap collection server.

    • Additional agent: The external communication (UDP) port 3002 is used between the server where the agent has been installed and the database server. If the internal port conflicts, the port can be changed using the dbx_port option.

Agent structure file

File nameDescription
whatap.confThis is the file where you can enter the address of the collection server that collects data from the database server and the server's project access key.
alert/alert.confThis is the file that sets thresholds for monitoring items to be collected. An alert occurs when the threshold is exceeded.
scripts/This directory contains the scripts that can remotely run SQL scripts.
ps.shThis script fetches the process ID. When ending the agent process, the ID is referenced.
stop.shThis script is used when ending the agent process. (uid.bat)This shell script file generates an encrypted UID by combining the database connection data. It creates the db.user file. Once you have set it for the first time, it collects data from the database server to be monitored through the encrypted UID.
For more details about creation of an account for monitoring, see the following. (start.bat)This shell script file runs the agent. When the agent starts, it starts collecting monitoring data from the database server. (startd.bat)This shell script file runs the agent, which can be run in the background.
whatap.agent.dbx-VERSION.jarThe Tracer program is a program that collects data from the database server and transmits the collected data to the server.
jdbcThis directory collects the libraries referenced for database server connection. Download the library for connecting the agent and database server and use it by setting the path in the class path option of Java.
xosThe directory contains the optional agent that can monitor the process usage of the database server.
xos/xos.confThis file is used to enter the address and communication port of the agent server for collecting the process usage of the database server and transmitting the data.