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Database alert

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Alerts are sent through event condition settings per metric in the database. By entering thresholds for each metric, you can send alerts divided into Fatal and Warning levels.

Event Setting - Database

Default notification: Connection Failed

Even without configuring an alert, if there are 15 or more consecutive failures for database connection from the agent, the following notification is sent. Note that this could happen due to database shutdown, network issues, or account and role issues.

Connection Failed

Setting the alert

Depending on the user-selected Metrics item, if the events that meet the condition of the entered Fatal and Warning item count occur as many as Number of detections, you can set to send the alert.


  1. In Instance, select an agent to set the alert.

  2. If you select Add Alert Policy, an event is created at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Select a desired metric in Metrics.

  4. Enter numeric values for Fatal and Warning.

  5. Enter a desired number in Number of detections.

  6. Select the toggle button on the utmost right to enable the alert.

Notify when event status is resolved.
  • You can set whether or not to send a notification when the occurred event's status is resolved. This function can be enabled or disabled by selecting the toggle button.

  • This function is supported in DBX agent 1.6.30 or later.

Copying the alert

You can copy any alert events created on the selected instance to another instance.

  1. Select copy icon Copy Alert Policy.

  2. Select the target instance to copy. Select All selected to copy to all instances.

  3. Select Copy.


If you use the Copy Alert Policy function in a state where there are alert events created in the target instance to copy, the existing alerts are deleted.

Disabling the repeated alerts

This can prevent excessive alerts from happening. No alerts are sent for the selected period after the first alert is generated. In addition, they are not recorded in Event history.

In Agent Inactive Warning, select a desired time and then select the toggle button on the right to turn on or off the function.


When the Agent Inactive Warning option is enabled, if the agent fails to receive data during the set time period, the INACTIVE MONITORING AGENT alert appears.