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MongoDB Metrics

Database metrics are comprehensive data collected for database workloads and resource usages. The WhaTap monitoring service continuously collects metric data to identify bottlenecks in the database and provides data to help identify the root cause of the performance issue.

MongoDB collects key metrics from db.serverStatus, and the following lists the descriptions for the collected key metrics: For more information about other metrics, see the following.

active$connectionsNumber of active clients in progress
current$connectionsNumber of clients connected to the server
CPUCPU utilization calculated with the user_time_us and system_time_us values in extra_info
input_blocks$extra_infoInput block value of the system
output_blocks$extra_infoOutput block value of the system
bytesIn$networkTotal bytes received by the server via connection from a MongoDB client or other instances
bytesOut$networkTotal bytes sent by the server via connection to a MongoDB client or other instances
numRequests$networkTotal sum of requests received by the server
latency$reads$opLatenciesLatency for the read request
latency$writes$opLatenciesLatency for the write request
latency$commands$opLatenciesLatency for the Database command
insert$opcountersNumber of insert commands
query$opcountersNumber of query commands
update$opcountersNumber of update commands
delete$opcountersNumber of delete commands
command$opcountersTotal number of commands executed in the database

WhaTap basically stores the client-related information.