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Flex Board

Flex Board is a custom integrated dashboard. You can create a real-time dashboard with the project data such as applications, servers, databases, and containers.

Flex Board Edit mode

  • Pre-configured templates are provided to help initial setup. Through this, you can configure various dashboards you want.

  • You can add various types of data widgets, and modify the attributes of individual widgets to display the desired data format.

  • Data filtering allows you to narrow down the targets to monitor.

  • You can set a time range to check data.

  • You can use additional charts to view data in various ways.

  • You can register a dashboard as a favorite.

  • You can copy your personalized dashboard to other accounts for later use.

The usage scope of the Flex board differs depending on the following entry:

  • Home > Integrated Flex Board

    • When creating a widget, all projects that can be viewed are provided as options.

    • The dashboard is saved in your account and can be shared with other users with the "To copy" feature.

    • Individual account dashboards are not affected by the role, but the shared dashboards are read-only and cannot be edited.

  • Home > Select Project > Dashboard > Flex Board

    • When creating a widget, the related project data is automatically entered.

    • The created Flex board is automatically shared with other project members.

    • The users with the project Edit role or Project flexboard update role, and site admin role can modify the board.


Users who can modify the Flex Board can access the following key features:

  • You can export or import dashboards in the json file format.

  • You can see data requests and responses within the dashboard.

  • You can query and modify the widget setting options in the json file format.

  • In the Flex Board menu within the project, only the users with the dashboard editing role can access Edit Mode, Admin Mode, and Filter. The roles of members who can access are as follows:

    • Project Edit role

    • Project flexboard update role

    • Site Admin role

  • For more information about the View mode and Filter, see the following.

  • For more information about the member roles, see the following.