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Guide to Home screen (UI)

It guides you to the elements displayed on the initial screen, after you log in WhaTap Monitoring Service. The default menu of the initial screen is Project list.

초기 화면

Fixed menu area

  • Menu: The menu path appears on the left.

  • Notice icon Notice: You can see the notices of the WhaTap monitoring service.

  • This page theme icon Theme: You can change the theme of the current page. The default value is Light mode.

    • Light: Theme that is applied by default.
    • Dark: The theme with the black background is applied.
    • Presentation: The optimized color is applied when using a beam projector.
    • Add Custom Theme: You can set the desired color.
  • WhaTap Docs icon WhaTap Docs

    Go to the WhaTap Docs technical documentation page. For more information about Whatap Docs, see the following.

  • Customer Support icon Customer Support

    Online customer support is available. Select Start a chat and then send your questions about technical and payment issues. For previous records, select Message. To make a wired inquiry, select Wired Connection icon.

    To set the inquiry language, notification, or advertisement reception, select Setting and Information icon.

  • Profile icon: Select the rightmost icon. It provides Manage account INFO., Create organization, and Organization Management. In addition, it also provides the Language function to select a user language. To log out of the current service screen, select Log Out.

Project search area

  • Project name / PCODE (text entry field): You can enter the project name or code to search for the desired project.

    The project code (PCODE) can be seen in pcode under the Management > Project management menu of the project.

  • Favorite icon Favorite: Only the projects set as favorite appear in the list. To set the project as favorite, select Favorite icon at the upper left of the project card view in the project list. To cancel the favorite setting, select Favorite icon again.

  • Wide card view icon Wide card view: You can see the project list in the form of a card. The basic project information is also displayed.

  • Compact card view Icon Compact card view: You can see the project list in the form of compact card rather than Wide card view.

  • List View icon List: You can see the project list in the form of table by classifying the projects by product catalog.

  • 15 / page: You can set the number of projects to be displayed for each page. You can set up to 100 projects to be displayed on a page. To go to another page, select the page number.

Organization and group, project area

  • Non-Organization: You can select an organization or go to Organization Management. For more information about organization management, see the following.
  • + Group: You can add a group. For more information about group addition, see the following.

  • + Project: You can add a new project. For more information about project addition, see the following.

  • Search icon Search: You can perform search by the group, project, or agent. For more information about project search, see the following.

  • Filter icon Project Type Filter: By setting filters, you can see the project list by product category. It displays a list under All projects according to the set value.

    프로젝트 목록 필터링

  • If you select Up arrow icon or Down arrow icon, you can show or hide the project list area.

  • All projects: You can see the list of all projects. If you select this menu after entering a project, you can go to the initial project list screen.
  • Under the area, the project list is displayed. The group is displayed as the Folder icon shape. Non-group projects appear with icons for each product type.

Integrated menu area

Searching for a project

  1. If you select Search icon on the upper left of the screen, the project Search window appears.

    프로젝트 검색 창

  2. Enter a project or group name. Then the matched project list appears under the search window.

  3. Select a desired project.

The corresponding project screen appears.

To search for a project based on the agent in Search window, click Group / Project and then select Agent from the drop-down list.

Project list

You can check the list of projects in which the user has been registered as a member.

Menu area at the bottom

  • My usage: You can use the menus related to the payment information, usage pricing, etc. For more information, see the following.
  • Menu Fold icon: You can hide or display the side menu. When the side menu is hidden, select Menu Expand icon to display the side menu.

  • Full screen icon: You can use the WhaTap monitoring service in full screen. To end the full screen, select the ESC key.

Product introduction menu

You can go to the product introduction page by selecting the icon button on the utmost left of the side menu. They are classified by product. Go to the introduction page and then select Getting started on the desired product. Go to the project creation menu.

Product categoryDescription
Java, Node.js, PHP, Python, .NET, Go A project can be created to monitor the application of the product.
A project can be created for Server monitoring.
A project can be created for Kubernetes monitoring.
MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, CUBRID, Tibero, Altibase A project can be created to monitor the database of the product.
A project can be created for URL monitoring.
Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon ECS, Azure Monitor, Oracle Cloud Monitor, Naver Cloud Monitoring A project can be created for product cloud monitoring.
A project can be created for Log monitoring.
A project can be created for Browser monitoring.