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Log Trend


Without the Log Read role, you cannot enter the menu.

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In Log Trend, you can check the occurrence pattern of a specific error type through the number of logs classified by type, and check detailed log data by hour. A highlight feature allows you to quickly identify the desired logs. You can search the trend of logs collected by category.

The major terms are as follows:

  • Category: Unit for log collection and inquiry
  • Content: Log messages
  • Search Key: It is generated through the log parser settings.
  • Tag: Key to search the collected logs

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Request Data

  • If the scroll reaches the bottom, the next data is retrieved.

  • In number-s, specify the time and collection unit, category, of the log data to be searched.

  • If the category is changed, the logs that correspond to the selected category are searched. You can see the logs in number-s bar chart and number-s log table.

  • If you click a bar in number-s bar chart, the logs are viewed that correspond to the time range of the bar.

  • number-s You can see the total number of logs viewed from the upper left of the log table.

  • On the upper right of the number-s log table, select the 전체 화면 아이콘 full screen icon, you can see the log and timestamp in the full screen.

  • number-s In Side menu, you can see the logs filtered by tags. Up to two search keys can be selected, and multiple search values can be selected.

  • If the agent option is set, the log levels are collected and the colors for each log level appear as follows:

    Log level color


    Setting the agent options

    • The agent options are as follows:

      # whatap.conf
    • In Java agent 2.2.22 or later, it can be used when setting log4j-2.17 or logback-1.2.8 in the weaving setting. It is required to restart the agent.

    • The log level is determined based on the level and type among the parsed keywords. When there are keys parsed as level and type, and the parsed values have FATAL, CRITICAL, ERROR, WARN, WARNING, and INFO, the log level color appears.

Checking the log content


What is content?

Content means the log messages.

  • The first line of the log column is the log's parsed key and value, and the second line is the log's content.
  • number-s For each row (log) of the log table, the Icon More button exists. If you select the Icon More button, you can check the entire content of the log like number-s.

Viewing the logs with a chart

Log trends bar chart

  • You can click a icon desired time on the bar chart to view the logs in the period of time.

  • You can use the b icon time selection option on the upper left of the log table under the bar chart to further refine your log search in the selected time zone:

    • 1min: interval (spacing between bars on the chart)

    • Select a time option: Time zone whose time range is divided into 6 segments


  • The highlight function is provided to easily identify the desired keywords.

  • number-s In the input field on the right, enter the keyword to highlight. You can check the highlighted keywords like this.

    Log highlight

Setting the table

  • Right of the area Table settings menu is available in Live Tail, Log search, and Log Trend.

  • Icon If you select Table settings, the Add a Column and Table Content Setting options appear.

    Log Table setting

    1. Column Settings

    • Add a Column: You can add a column to the table by selecting a tag.

    • Set column order: If a column is added, the column is added to the column sequence setting. Drag a desired column to change the column order.

    1. Table settings

    Log Table Content Setting

    • Content display or not

      • The checked items do not appear in the table. By default, both Log and Tag are all checked to display two items.
      • If you deselect the Tag as follows, the log's Tag does not appear in the table.

        Log table tag invisible

    • Tag Management

      • When you add a tag in the tag management list, the log tags are listed in the added order. The sequences of tags can be changed by dragging.
      • If you disable an added tag, the disabled tag does not appear.

Live Tail, Log Search, and Log Trend menus within the same project share the table settings.