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Namespace Management

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You can manage namespace projects through the Namespace Management menu in the cluster project. In a namespace project, you cannot enter the menu.


A list box is provided to move to any sub-namespace, or Namespace Status and Namespace management in Dashboard > Container Map of the cluster project.

Namespace moving

Managing a namespace project

Namespace Management

In the number-1 area at the top, you can see the total number of targets and the number of key resources. In the number-2 Namespace List area, you can search, add, and delete namespace projects.

Creating a namespace project

In Namespace List, select + Add Project for the item to create a project for. When the Add Project window appears, select OK.

Deleting a namespace project

  1. Select Configuration icon Configuration to the utmost right of the project to delete in the Namespace List.

  2. Go to Project Management.

  3. Select Delete Project on the upper right of the screen.


If a namespace project is deleted, the user list and the collected data are all deleted. Note that the deleted data cannot be restored.


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