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Understanding the project concept

Cluster and project configuration

WhaTap Kubernetes monitoring service manages one or more WhaTap projects for a user's Kubernetes cluster environment.

The user's Kubernetes cluster is basically represented as a cluster project on the WhaTap service. When you first create a project for your Kubernetes product, the project is a cluster project. If there are multiple namespaces in a Kubernetes cluster and there are numerous containers and pods, you can divide the WhaTap project by creating and separating namespace projects for each namespace.

Kubernetes Project

Cluster Project

  • It is a project for monitoring all resources in a Kubernetes cluster.

  • Through the cluster project, proceed with installation of the master agent and node agents.

  • In the project list, cluster projects appear with the CP tag next to the project name and the Kubernetes tag at the very bottom.

  • For more information about the creation of cluster project, see the following.

Namespace Project

  • It is a project, a Kubernetes cluster's child namespace unit.

  • This project monitors the resources in namespace units and monitors application containers.

  • In the project list, namespace projects display the Namespace tag at the bottom.

  • For more information about the namespace project management, see the following.