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Kubernetes agent

Let's learn about the configuration of the installed agent to monitor applications running in Kubernetes.

Agent structure

When installing WhaTap Kubernetes, configure resources for agents under the <whatap-monitoring>Namespace in the Kubernetes environment.

The master agent is for Deployment and the node agents are for DaemonSet. The following explains how to check the WhaTap agent installed in the Kubernetes environment.

  • Master Agent

    kubectl get deployments -n whatap-monitoring 
    kubectl get pods -l=name=whatap-master-agent -n whatap-monitoring
  • Node Agent

    kubectl get daemonsets -n whatap-monitoring
    kubectl get pods -l=name=whatap-node-agent -n whatap-monitoring

The following is an example for the master agent and node agents running in the <whatap-monitoring>namespace.

$ kubectl get pods -n whatap-monitoring
whatap-master-agent-57f4499567-ltbbr 1/1 Running 0 3d19h
whatap-node-agent-5q8rj 2/2 Running 0 21h
whatap-node-agent-6nb2z 2/2 Running 0 30h
whatap-node-agent-8m2vk 2/2 Running 0 21h
whatap-node-agent-9thmw 2/2 Running 0 3h31m
whatap-node-agent-kpv7d 2/2 Running 0 21h

The following is the <whatap-monitoring> namespace displayed on the WhaTap Kubernetes container map.

whatap-monitoring Namespace inside the container map