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Kubernetes Agent List

Home > Select Cluster Project > Management > Kubernetes Agent List

You can go to Kubernetes Agent List under Management for the cluster project (CP).

Kubernetes agent list

  • You can see the installation progress of the Kubernetes agent. If some agents are not installed (UNINSTALLED) or inactive (INACTIVE), data collection may be distorted.

    e.g. UNINSTALLED, ACITVE, INACTIVE in the State column

  • You can check the CPU Limit assigned to the master agent and the installed node agent count.

    For example, if the node agent count is 50 or more, it is recommended to set the master agent's CPU Limit to 500 millicores or more.

  • You can see the CPU and memory allocated to the node where the agent has been installed.

    e.g. CapacityCpu, CapacityMemory under the Node Info column

  • You can see the nodes on which the agents are not installed.

  • You can see the key data of the agent.

  • You can find the guide to the node agent version.

    e.g. Mismatch notification upon version discrepancy between nodes


Master agent's resource allocation

Because the amount of data collected and processed by the WhaTap agent differs depending on the size of the user's Kubernetes environment (or node count), sufficient resource allocation to the master agent is required. For example, if node agent count is so great, it is recommended to increase the master agent's CPU limit.


If the Refresh icon Refresh icon is selected at the top, you can update the data based on the current time.

Select Column

When using the Select column option, you can select a desired agent to view the agent list.

  • The selected column list is kept even if you re-enter the menu.

  • If you select Reset, the predefined default key metric columns are selected. In this case, the column selection history is deleted.

  • After selecting a column, you can click Apply at the lower right to apply the selected values.


If the CSV download icon Download icon is selected, you can download the data in the CSV format by setting the range and display option.

Display Detail

  • If the Magnifying glass icon Display Detail icon is selected under the Name column of Agent Info, the Agent Log of the agent appears.

  • If the Detail icon Node Details icon is selected under the OnodeName column, the detail page of the node appears.


    For more information about Node details, see the following.